Monday, April 21, 2014

Half empty, half full, still incomplete.

The other day I realized that everyone makes such a big deal about whether their glass is half empty or half full. It's used all the time to describe boyfriends, marriages, friends. How neat and clean it is to assign your BFF into the half full category, so her never-ending optimism is easily explained. How much simpler is it to write off that boyfriend for always seeing the glass as half empty. 

I started wondering about myself - was I a half empty person or a half full person. Which "half" was I embracing?.

And then I realized that really, I was just "half". It didn't matter if it was the full half or the empty half that I was looking at. I only had half. And the important thing was not how much of it I was worrying about, but what it was that I was worrying about.

Half a dream.

Half a relationship.

Half a life.

I'd been living with half-started projects, half-completed ideas, half-hearted attempts.

So it's time to look things bluntly in the face and decide not whether I'm empty or full, but what am I going to complete. How am I going to finish life. Which glasses can I fill to overflowing because I've lived life so well.

And frankly, which glasses I should just leave unfinished, because they're pissy.


  1. Came over from your comment on The Bloggess. I admire what you are doing here. Honesty and vulnerability...way harder than it sounds, right? And so appreciated. I read mostly to try to understand my daughter better. Thanks for the insights.

    1. Your daughter is very lucky that you are trying to understand. She too will become fearless.