Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh crap I outed myself. Twice.

So I meant to sneak into the blogging world quietly. Stealthily. No one I knew would know what I was up to and I could be completely anonymous. I could blog about my life, fears, demons, in complete safety.

Pfft. That was short-lived.

Outing Take #1:
I created a Facebook page to promote this blog and post sarcastic memes. Facebook suggested that I ask my "Friends" to "like" the new page. So I selected a few from my list thinking I was soooo clever.

Immediately the responses came in - "Oh I didn't know that about you", which always makes me cringe because why is "you" in italics.

But I also got some "Hey I feel that too. Thanks for sharing" Which made me feel good and kinda like a super hero.

Outing Take #2:
I posted to another depression site about my new blog and it immediately Facebook announced it in my own news feed. Which meant I was out in the open to everyone of my "Friends". Which also meant my family....who may simply shrug and say "well duh", or may offer me meds with my wine next Thanksgiving.

So here I now am.

Totally exposed.


It's terrifying because I wasn't ready for certain people (aka my family) to know what I was up to. And now they do.

My demons are hovering in the background, waiting to see if this means it's time for them to party or to sulk in the closet.

So far they are sulking, but I'll keep you posted.

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